If you are aged 55 or older and are a regular employee, you are eligible to retire.  Notify your supervisor and HR Partner of your intention to retire.

Contact your local benefits representative to determine if you are eligible for Lubrizol retirement benefits and to schedule a sign-out meeting. Your sign-out will include an overview of retiree benefits and pension distribution information.

Documents required from employee for pension distribution (if eligible):

  • Employee's birth certificate or other proof of birth date
  • Joint annuitant birth certificate, if Joint and Survivor Annuity elected
  • Marriage certificate, if married and Joint and Survivor Annuity elected

While specific procedures vary by location, generally Information provided to employee from benefits representative include the following:

  • Retiree will receive enrollment worksheet from his/her Lubrizol benefits contact to assist in retiree benefits enrollment.
  • If a court order is on file, benefit distributions will be delayed. (i.e., domestic relations order or child support)
  • Pension Estimate of Benefits, as of retirement date, if eligible.
  • The Lubrizol Corporation Employees' Profit Sharing and Savings Plan Distribution Information Sheet
  • Retiree Club Information
  • Summary of Benefits for Retired Employee
  • What to do with ID badges and parking tags 

The following documents will be mailed to you within 44 days of your retirement:

  • Certification of Group Health Coverage (HIPAA certificate)
  • COBRA Notice of Right to Continue Group Health Coverage, for dependents and the employee