Below are a number of valuable resources to help you better understand Lubrizol's benefit offerings and to help you choose the programs that are best for you and your family. - this site is where you will enroll in your medical/Rx program, dental program, vision program, and flexible spending accounts. 

The Essential Guide to Your Benefits - everything you need to know about the choices you need to make including medical/Rx, dental, vision, vacation buy/sell, long-term disability and more. (Spanish Translation)

Plan Comparison Tool - this interactive tool helps you better understand the cost difference between the Lubrizol CDHP and the Lubrizol EPO. 

Employee Contributions - how much you pay toward the cost of your coverage (the premium that comes out of your paycheck).

Comparisons of Benefits - a quick overview of your medical Rx, dental and vision plans.

Summary of Benefits & Coverage

Preventive Care: Preventive services are covered at 100% by both the CDHP and the EPO before participant cost-sharing (deductible and/or co-insurance). Preventive services that are covered 100% vary by age and gender and are designated by an A or B rating by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

Retirement Plan Information:  

Other Benefit Information: 

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