New Hire Enrollment

You have 30 days from your hire date to elect your Lubrizol benefits. The benefits you elect are effective from your hire date through the end of the plan year, unless you have a qualified family status change or other qualifying event. If you do not enroll for benefits within 30 days of your hire date, you will not have medical/Rx, dental or vision coverage during the current plan year; you will receive Long Term Disability coverage equal to 60% of eligible base pay; and you will receive basic life insurance coverage of 2x your eligible pay.  

Follow these steps to enroll in coverage:

  1. Get familiar with Lubrizol's benefits by exploring our New Hire Resources below.
  2. Gather necessary information:
    • Your social security number and the social security numbers of any family members you wish to add.
    • Your date of birth and the date of birth for any family members you wish to add.
    • If you are adding a domestic partner to coverage, you will need the required supporting documentation. 
  3. Visit to add your eligible family members to coverage. If you are married you must add your spouse to your benefit record – EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT ADDING YOUR SPOUSE TO COVERAGE.

Supporting documentation is required. Your Marriage Certificate or Domestic Partner Affidavit and Supporting Documents, including children's birth certificates, must be submitted to Alight, Lubrizol's benefit administration vendor, to complete the dependent verification process. Information about the process, including a unique participant ID number to include on all correspondence, will be mailed to your home after your elections have been made.

Prior to making your elections, learn about coverage available to you by reviewing benefit summaries, government required handouts, educational presentations and much more.

Please also familiarize yourself with your location’s site on Lubrizol News.  Local policies, security procedures, contact lists and information about amenities such as fitness facilities and on-site cafeterias can be found there.  Once logged into the Lubrizol network, select the “Locations” tab from the Lubrizol News home page.