Global Business Travel and Accident Insurance

This insurance provides coverage while on an insured business trip on behalf of Lubrizol including a personal vacation when the trip occurs outside the country of permanent residence/expatriate assignment of the insured person; or within the country of permanent residence of the insured person provided that such a business trip includes an airplane flight or overnight stay or involves either a trip by railroad or sea, excluding commuting between residence and usual place of employment.

International SOS - Your First Resource

This program provides a range of Medical and Travel Assistance services, supported by a 24-Hour Emergency Helpline. International SOS Assistance (ISOS) is your first point of contact for travel emergencies especially those involving the need for medical care (Chubb is fully integrated with ISOS). Always carry your ISOS card with you while traveling. If you need an ISOS card, please submit a request through MyHR. You can also review this helpful document to access an ISOS card and learn more about the program: ISOS Information.

Services include help with medical advice, repatriation, medical referral, emergency medical supplies, direct billing, lost documents or medications, translator services, emergency medical transmission, inoculation and visa requirement information, lost luggage assistance, and embassy and legal referral.

Who is Eligible:

All directors and employees of The Lubrizol Corporation including their accompanying partner and/or child(ren), including those on an expatriate assignment. Non-employees traveling on behalf of Lubrizol are also covered under the policy.

Amount of Coverage**:

Chubbs Sums of Insurance: All Directors and Employees Accompanying Partner and/or Child(ren)
Accidental Death Four times annual salary to £1,600,000 £75,000
 Accidental Dismemberment  Up to four times annual salary to £1,600,000; coverage amount dependent upon loss Up to £75,000; coverage amount dependent upon loss
Medical Expenses Unlimited
Repatriation Expenses Included in Medical Expenses
Personal Property £10,000
Business Equipment £3,000
Delayed Personal Property £2,000
Loss of Travel Documents £2,000
Money £10,000
Cancellation, Disruption, or Replacement Expenses £10,000
Government Advice £50,000
Rental Vehicle Excess £25,000
Legal Expenses £50,000
Personal Liability £5,000,000

 **USD currency conversion will be based on the date the claim is paid.


The insurer will not pay benefits for any loss or injury that is caused by, or results from:

  • War within your country of permanent residence.
  • Committing or attempting to commit suicide or intentionally inflicting self-injury.
  • Anyone 80 years of age or older.
  • Flying an airplane.
  • Medical expenses within your country of permanent residence/expatriate assignment.
  • Dental or optical expenses unless incurred as the result of an emergency.
  • Repatriation expenses incurred without the prior approval of ISOS Assistance.
  • Traveling against the advice of a Qualified Medical Practitioner or traveling for the purposes of receiving medical treatment.
  • More than £3,000 worth of cash.
  • Any item of personal property that exceeds £3,000 in value.
  • Travel to Afghanistan and Iraq without prior notification to and acceptance by Chubb.
  • Travel to Cuba or Iran.
  • Any trip over six months in duration.
  • Any cover or claim that would directly or indirectly be breach of any applicable economic/trade sanction that applies to Chubb or its parent company.