Dental Program

The Lubrizol Dental Plan is administered by MetLife (Group Number 304841.)  There are two options available under the plan to help you pay for a wide range of dental expenses —from cleanings to orthodontia. The two options are:

  • Comprehensive Option. You may receive care from any provider of your choice. However, if you receive care from a participant in MetLife’s nationwide network of dental providers, your out-of-pocket expenses may be lower because MetLife negotiates lower reimbursement rates with these providers. For a list of network providers, contact MetLife directly.
  • Network PPO Option. This option is a lower cost alternative that offers both in and out of network coverage with higher deductibles and a lower annual out-of-pocket maximum each year.

You may also choose to waive dental coverage.  If you waive coverage, you may re-enroll during the next annual enrollment period or during the year if you experience a qualified change in family status.