Long Term Care Insurance

Effective February 1, 2016, Long Term Care Insurance is no longer available for new enrollees. 

Long-Term Care Insurance can help protect your personal assets and savings if you, or a covered family member, become unable to care for yourself due to an illness or injury. Long-Term Care Insurance can ease the burden of expensive services such as home health care, assisted living, adult day care or nursing home care.

Coverage is offered through a Group Long-Term Care program by CNA Group Benefits. Premiums for this insurance are based on the covered individual's age and are deducted from your paycheck on a post-tax basis.  Please visit CNA Group (PW: lubrizol) for details of the plan and to enroll.

Eligibility and Application

Coverage is available at group rates for you, your spouse or eligible domestic partner, your parents and grandparents, and your parents and grandparents-in-law*.  “In-law” does not include the parents or grandparents of your domestic partner. To enroll in this benefit visit CNA Group (PW: lubrizol).


If you choose to participate: 

  • Premiums for you and your spouse/domestic partner are deducted from each pay on a post-tax basis
  • Premiums for other eligible family members are billed directly to the eligible family member.