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What's going on with my claim?

I need help finding a provider.


How do I get a new ID card?


Start with Included Health. If you prefer to contact the carrier directly, contact numbers are located on ID cards and on our Contacts page.


Temporary medical, prescription or vision ID cards can be printed from member websites accessible from our Contacts page. MetLife does not issue dental ID cards.

n't understand my coverage.

Start with Included Health or you can do your own research, by visiting for quick links to Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), employee contributions, and other helpful information.

Where can I find COBRA information?

Start with Included Health or COBRA information and rates can be found HERE

How do I change my HSA contribution amount?


Look at the “How To” guide at You can change your HSA contribution at any time by contacting Alight or by logging into

How can I receive a Pension estimate?


Go to

I'm thinking about retiring, where should I start? has quick links to retiree planning resources such as the "Nearing Retirement Guide," HRA information & FAQs, and COBRA rates. Submit a request in MyHR if you have additional questions. When you are 30-45 days from retirement you are encouraged to contact to schedule an appointment

My name / address is wrong at the carriers, how do I fix this?


Look at the “How To” guide at If you have a change of name, address or marital status you should submit a request through MyHR.  Once updated in SAP, your address and name change will be sent to the benefits administration system and then to the carriers.

I recently had a family status change. Where should I start? has a quick link to the Life & Work Events resource page, or you may contact Alight to change your elections related to the family status change.


Answers and Resources

I can't make my new hire elections.

A new employee record may error when loading into Alight’s (Lubrizol’s benefit administration vendor) system if there is a data entry error in the employee's address, phone number or email address format. Errors are corrected on the following week’s file. If you do not have a record in the benefits administration system your week of hire, try again the following Tuesday afternoon. If there is still no record the following week, submit a request through MyHR.

I enrolled in medical, and I don’t have my employer HSA contribution.

There is no employer HSA contribution for the Core plan. If you are enrolled in Standard or Plus, this is likely a timing issue. You must be enrolled in coverage on the first day of the month to receive the employer contribution. For example, if an employee is hired on April 8 and makes their medical election in April, the employer HSA contribution will be deposited into their account after the first pay in May. The contribution is not made in April because the employee was not enrolled in coverage on April 1.


Alternatively, you may have received notification at home from Optum Bank that additional information is required to open your HSA. If nothing was received, contact Optum Bank.

I missed my new hire enrollment.

Please submit a request through MyHR to file an appeal, explaining your situation and any factors contributing to missing the deadline. Corporate Benefits will respond to you regarding the appeal.

I need a letter from Lubrizol verifying my benefits.

Please submit a request through MyHR. 

I need a Medicare form completed.

Please submit a request through MyHR.

I need emotional support. has quick links to robust information from Optum’s Emotional Wellbeing Solutions (EWS), a modern, flexible, employee assistance program (EAP) that offers support for everyday life.

Can you reset my password for Empower?

Lubrizol does not have access to retrieve or reset passwords for the Empower site. Please contact Empower directly or follow the password reset prompts on their website.


If you are on the Lubrizol network, you may use the single sign-on link through the HR Central Site here:  U.S. Benefits

I am retired/leaving Lubrizol. How can I access or transfer my 401 (k) funds?

Contact Empower Retirement.

I just retired, but Via doesn't have me in their system.

VIA Benefits establishes a record for the retiree once they receive the employee’s termination information from Lubrizol which may take seven to ten business days. If it has been more than two weeks since your termination date, contact

Where is my COBRA paperwork?

Typically, it takes seven to ten business days for a COBRA packet to be generated and mailed to a former employee. If it has been longer than two weeks after your termination date, contact Alight, Lubrizol’s COBRA administrator.

I can’t log in to my COBRA record.

The process for resetting your password includes a response by email, which is the now invalid Lubrizol email address. Contact Alight to have your preferred email address updated to a personal email address so you can complete the password reset process.