LSP Transport, LLC

Below are a number of valuable resources to help you better understand your benefit offerings and to help you choose the programs and offerings that are best for you and your family.  - this site is where you will enroll in your medical/Rx, dental and vision programs as well as your flexible spending accounts.

The Essential Guide to Your Benefits - everything you need to know about the choices you need to make including medical/Rx, dental, vision, and more. Please note that all benefits may not apply - contact human resources with questions. 

Plan Comparison Tool - this interactive tool helps you better understand the cost difference between the Lubrizol CDHP and the Lubrizol EPO.

Employee Contributions - how much you pay toward the cost of your coverage (what comes out of your paycheck).

Comparisons of Benefits - a quick overview of your medical/Rx, dental and vision plans. 

Summary of Benefits & Coverage

Retirement Plan Information 

Other Benefit & Policy Information  

  • Basic Life Insurance (LSP Transport, LLC Drivers): You are provided with automatic, company-paid life insurance in the amount of $150,000 through Aetna Life Insurance. You also have the opportunity to opt-down to $50,000 coverage to avoid imputed income. 
  • Supplemental Life Insurance (LSP Transport, LLC Drivers): Provides additional insurance for employees, spouse/domestic partner and children. May elect $75,000, $150,000 or $225,000 without evidence of insurability (EOI). May elect up to two additional increments of $75,000 with EOI. 
  • Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance (LSP Transport, LLC Non-Drivers)
  • Long-Term Disability: Basic LTD benefits are equal to 60% of base pay
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Tobacco Cessation