Behavioral Health Benefits

Is behavioral health coverage included in my Lubrizol medical option?

Behavioral health benefits are included in each Lubrizol medical option. Reimbursement is based on the specific plan’s design. For example, if you visit a behavioral health specialist and are a member of the Lubrizol EPO, you will pay the $20 office visit copay. If you are a member of the Lubrizol CDHP you will pay a percentage of the cost based on whether the provider is a network provider or not. Applicable covered expenses for behavioral health services will be used to satisfy annual deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums under each plan option.

Can you tell me about our provider for behavioral health benefits?

OptumHealth, a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare administers our behavioral health, substance abuse and employee assistance programs.

How do I find a network behavioral health provider?

Visit and click on "Find Physicians, Laboratory or Facility" link. For the Lubrizol EPO choose the "UnitedHealthcare Choice" network and for the Lubrizol CDHP choose the "UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus" network.