Enrollment Eligibility

How much time do I have to enroll for my benefits?

You must make benefit elections during the annual enrollment period. As employees enroll, ADP will issue confirmation statements. Please check your confirmation statements when they arrive to make sure your elections are what you intended.

What happens if I do not enroll for benefits during annual enrollment?

This year's enrollment is mandatory which means you must make an active election or you will default to no coverage. Current coverage elections will not rollover to next year. Once enrollment closes, you will not have any additional opportunities to elect coverage or change your elections unless you have a qualifying family status change event.

How can I add my 24 year old child who is in graduate school?

You can add an adult child during annual enrollment at Lubrizol.BenefitsNow.com.

Does an adult child need to be a dependent to be eligible for benefits?

No. Under health care reform, a child is not required to be single, living with the employee or be financially dependent on the employee.

Can I add an adult married child? Can their spouse and dependents also enroll?

An adult child can be married and enroll, but their dependents (including their spouse) cannot be covered. An exception to this rule would be if an employee had legal guardianship for or adopted the adult child's dependent.

Does the medical surcharge apply to an adult child who has access to his/her own coverage, but does not enroll?


If my child gets a full time job with benefits can I drop her/him from coverage?

Yes, a gain or loss of employment by your dependent is a qualified change which entitles you to drop their coverage mid-year.

My adult child, who I cover on Lubrizol’s medical coverage, turns 26 on the 4th of the month.  When will their coverage end?  What do I need to do?


Coverage ends on the last day of the month in which the child turns 26.  The benefit administration system automatically removes the child the from your elections and notifies the administrators (UnitedHealthcare, MetLife etc.) that coverage is terminating.  If your per pay contribution is impacted by a change to your coverage it will be reflected on your check as soon as practicable following the change in the benefit administration system.  A COBRA packet that allows your child to enroll in coverage at their own expense will be mailed to the address on file within approximately two weeks of coverage terminating.  

Who qualifies as a domestic partner?

A domestic partner is defined as a same or opposite sex partner with whom you are cohabitating in a relationship for a period of at least 12 months. You can also enroll the child or children of your domestic partner.

Will taxes be withheld from imputed income for domestic partners?

Yes, similar to imputed income for the value of life insurance over $50,000, there will be a separate line item on your pay advice and taxes will be withheld.

What is imputed income?

Imputed income is the estimated value of an employer's financial contribution towards health insurance coverage for domestic partners (DP) and their dependents and must be reported as taxable wages. View the employee contribution sheets for examples.

Do I have to prove that the person is my domestic partner?

Yes, you must provide proof of partnership, proof of cohabitation and proof of financial interdependence.

What if I change my mind during the annual enrollment period? Can I still make changes?

Yes. Both active employees and retirees have the entire 3 week period to make their elections and make changes.

Is there a list of preventive services covered at 100%?

Visit the United States Preventive Services Taskforce Website to view their recommendations. You will need to click on the procedure to see if it has the requisite A or B recommendation to be covered at 100%.