Lubrizol Out of Area

What is the Lubrizol Out-of-Area Plan (OOA)?

The Lubrizol Out-of-Area option, administered by UnitedHealthcare, is available to a small number of employees who live in areas where network coverage is limited. If you are eligible for this option, it will be displayed on your personalized enrollment worksheet.

How do the annual deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums work for two-person and family coverage under the Lubrizol OOA?

Any combination of your covered expenses (including copays, medical, prescription drug, behavioral health and substance abuse) will be used to satisfy the total 2-person and family deductibles. This is different than previous years where the plan would begin to pay benefits as each participant met the individual deductible. Likewise, an individual in the past could satisfy the individual out-of-pocket maximum and proceed into 100% coverage by the plan. For example, if you have family coverage in the OOA and purchase a high-cost prescription at the beginning of the year, you will need to satisfy the $900 family deductible before the OOA begins to pay benefits. It is important to keep this change in mind when assessing whether or not to contribute money to the Health Care Account. 

What do I pay for preventive care? 

Preventive care is paid at 100% and not subject to the annual deductible or coinsurance.

How do I locate a provider? 

Visit  Choose Find Physician, Laboratory or Facility -- Choose Search for a Physician -- On the "Find Physician" screen choose the applicable information.  Under "Select a Plan" choose UnitedHealthcare Options PPO to access the Lubrizol OOA network.