Medical Surcharge

Who does the medical surcharge apply to?

It applies to a working spouse or domestic partner with access to other coverage, who elects to enroll in a Lubrizol option instead of one offered by their employer. In such cases, the $45 per pay medical surcharge is added to your cost of medical coverage (two-person or family tier). The cost of coverage available to your spouse or domestic partner does not matter.

What if my spouse or domestic partner only works part time?

If he or she has the option of purchasing medical benefits through their employer (regardless of cost), then the surcharge will apply.

If my spouse or domestic partner is enrolled in their own coverage, can he still be enrolled in a Lubrizol medical plan? If so, does the surcharge apply?

If he is enrolled in coverage through his employer, he may still be covered under a Lubrizol medical option and the surcharge does not apply. His coverage through his employer is primary for him and all claims must be submitted to that health care plan first.

My spouse or domestic partner is currently on Lubrizol's plan, but because of the medical surcharge plans to sign up for his own plan in June of next year.  Do I still need to select the surcharge during annual enrollment even though he will be dropping from Lubrizol coverage in June of next year?

Yes. At the time your spouse or domestic partner enrolls for his own coverage, you can drop the surcharge or drop them from Lubrizol's plan altogether. For example, if your spouse or domestic partner enrolls in benefits effective June of next year, at that time you can visit to either drop him from coverage or drop the spousal surcharge as this is an eligible status family change. If you have questions contact your local benefits representative.

My spouse is a retiree with access to other medical coverage, does the surcharge apply?

No. For the 2018 plan year, it applies only to working spouses of active employees.

My spouse is also a Lubrizol employee. If she waives coverage, do I have to pay the spousal surcharge?

No. The surcharge only applies to working spouses who are not Lubrizol employees.