Employee Assistance and WorkLife Program

What Can My EAP and WorkLife Services Benefit Do For Me?

You may be struggling with stress at work, seeking financial or legal advice, or coping with the death of a loved one. Maybe you just want to strengthen your relationships with your family. Your EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and WorkLife Service Benefit offers assistance and support for all these concerns and more:

  • Depression, anxiety and stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Relationship problems
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Parenting and family issues
  • Living with chronic conditions
  • Child and elder care support

There’s no charge for seeing a clinician within our network. If you’d like to speak with an expert for financial or legal assistance or for legal mediation, there’s no cost for the initial consultation. Subsequent legal assistance is available at a 25% discount.

The EAP and WorkLife program also has a comprehensive website at www.liveandworkwell.com (access code: lubrizol). When you register with the site you will have access to a wealth of information on life changes, health & wellness, work & career, family and much more. 

For more information, please visit www.liveandworkwell.com (access code: lubrizol) or call 1-866-248-4094.

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Website: www.liveandworkwell.com

Access Code: lubrizol

Phone: 1-866-248-4094