Health Care Account

The Health Care Account (HCA) is administered by OptumHealth, a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare®.  The HCA offers you a way to save on out-of-pocket health care expenses.  Because you are using tax-free money to pay for your expenses, you reduce your taxable income, save on taxes and increase your take-home pay. A debit card will also be available for your use.

You may make a biweekly pre-tax contribution ranging from $5 to $98 to your HCA. If you do not make an election, you will not be able to participate in a health care account for the year unless you experience a qualified family status change.

If you choose to participate in the HCA, your contributions are automatically deducted from each pay on a pre-tax basis. When you or a covered tax-dependent incur an eligible expense you can:

  1. Submit a claim form along with appropriate substantiation (detailed receipt or an explanation of benefit) for reimbursement from your account,
  2. Use your HCA debit card at IIAS retailers and certain UnitedHealthcare providers,
  3. Automatic Payment - Choose to automatically roll-over funds from your HCA to pay for eligible expenses incurred at a provider or facility. 

Eligible health care expenses are expenses defined in the most recent IRS Publication 502 at

Automatic Payment

Automatic Payment is a feature that allows for automatic reimbursement for expenses incurred at a UHC provider or facility when you do not use your Health Care Spending Card.  If you do not want to be automatically reimbursed from your HCA, you can turn off Automatic Payment feature by visiting

Use it or Lose It

You must use your Health Care Account contributions for eligible health care expenses incurred during the calendar year for which the election is made.  The IRS does not allow Lubrizol to refund any unused money, so any amount remaining in your account at year end will be forfeited.  The deadline for submitting claims is March 31 of the next plan year.

Are You Enrolling in the CDHP?

If you are enrolling in the CDHP you will not have the option to enroll in the Health Care Account through Lubrizol or your spouse’s employer provided plan. The IRS dictates that you cannot have more than one tax favored health care account at one time. However, you do have the opportunity to enroll in the Dependent Care Account to save money on your dependent child and adult daycare expenses.