Prescription Drug Coverage Information

Members of all medical plans will receive their prescription coverage through CVS/Caremark. 

You may purchase prescription drugs three ways:

  • Retail Pharmacy. You may have prescriptions filled and receive benefits at any pharmacy participating in CVS/Caremark's retail network. This method is best for short-term prescriptions that you need right away; for example, a 10-day supply of antibiotics for an ear infection. You may purchase prescriptions for 30 days or less (with one refill).
  • Mail Order. When you need maintenance medications for ongoing medical conditions, Mail Order is an option. This option allows you to purchase prescriptions up to a 90-day supply (with up to three refills per year).
  • Maintenance Choice Program. Caremark has a special Program which allows you to purchase a 90-day maintenance prescription at a CVS retail pharmacy for the same cost as a mail order prescription.  Not all prescriptions which are written for 90 days are classified as maintenance drugs. Please call Caremark (1-844-742-5087) to see if your prescription is on the maintenance list.

Special considerations:

In 2019, generic preventive drugs will be covered at 100%. See the list of medications here.

You may obtain one initial fill plus one refill at a retail pharmacy for medications that you will be taking for a short period of time.

For maintenance drugs, the Mail Order Program or the Maintenance Choice Program is mandatory after your initial fill plus one refill at a retail pharmacy.

If a generic drug is available and you choose a brand name instead, you will pay the generic coinsurance, plus the difference between the cost of the brand and the generic.

If you request a generic drug and no generic is available, you will pay the brand copay.