Separation of Employment

Notify supervisor and HR Partner of your intent to separate employment.

Schedule a meeting with your local benefits representative to review benefits and complete sign-out.

Documents required from employee for pension distribution (if eligible):

  • Employee's birth certificate or other proof of birth date.
  • Joint annuitant birth certificate, if Joint and Survivor Annuity elected.
  • Marriage certificate, if married and Joint and Survivor Annuity elected.

While specific procedures vary by location, generally Information provided to employee from benefits representative include the following:

  • Employee will receive enrollment worksheet from the Lubrizol Benefits Center to assist in COBRA continuation coverage enrollment if eligible.
  • If a court order is on file, benefit distributions will be delayed. (i.e., domestic relations order or child support)
  • Pension Estimate of Benefits, as of retirement date, if eligible.
  • The Lubrizol Corporation Employees' Profit Sharing and Savings Plan Distribution Information Sheet.
  • Summary of Benefits for Separated Employee.
  • What to do with ID badges and parking tags.

The following documents will be mailed to you within 44 days of your retirement:

  • Certification of Group Health Coverage (HIPAA certificate)
  • COBRA Notice of Right to Continue Group Health Coverage, for dependents and the employee.