Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® is a positive approach to breaking the tobacco habit (cigarettes, cigars, snuff, and chewing tobacco). It is a highly effective program that teaches the necessary skills to quit tobacco use for good. Since no one method of quitting works for all smokers, Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® presents over 500 different techniques and concepts. This allows you to pick and choose techniques to meet your needs. The program works for people who aren’t sure they want to quit, people who are thinking about it, and people who are ready to take action. It works in only 5 days. Best of all, Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® helps to curb withdrawal discomfort and irritability, while controlling your weight.

This program is free to all Lubrizol employees and their dependents. For more information, visit, to enroll call +1-800-345-2476.

2021 Tobacco Surcharge Reasonable Alternative Process

During 2021 Annual Enrollment (October 19 - November 6) you will indicate your and your covered family members (over age 18) tobacco use status. If you indicate that you and/or your covered family member(s) use tobacco you have access to a reasonable alternative to avoid the surcharge in 2021. Here's what you need to do: 

  1. Indicate during annual enrollment that you and/or your family members use tobacco
  2. Enroll in Smokeless® (even if you're already enrolled!) between October 19 - December 1
  3. Complete four out of five coaching calls by March 5, 2021

If you successfully complete steps 1, 2 and 3, the surcharge will not be applied for 2021. If you successfully complete steps 1, 2 and fail to complete step 3, the surcharge will apply for the remainder of 2021. If you complete step 1 and fail to complete steps 2 or 3, the surcharge will apply for all of 2021 unless you and/or your covered family member(s) no longer meet the tobacco use definition.*

*Tobacco use is defined as smoking tobacco in any form, such as cigar, pipe, cigarette (including herbal) or hookah, or using a smokeless tobacco product, such as chewing tobacco or snuff, more than once during the last six consecutive months.

If your personal physician advises us the Smokeless program is not medically appropriate for you, we will work with you (and your physician, if you wish) to develop an alternative that is right for you. Contact Benefits at or at 1-440-347-5358.