Tobacco Cessation Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® program?

Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® is a positive approach to breaking the tobacco habit (cigarettes, cigars, snuff, and chewing tobacco). It is a highly effective program that teaches the necessary skills to quit tobacco use for good. Since no one quit method works for all smokers, Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® presents over 500 different techniques and concepts. This allows you to pick and choose techniques to meet your needs. The program works for people who aren’t sure they want to quit, people who are thinking about it, and people who are ready to take action. It works in only 5 days. Best of all, Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® curbs withdrawal discomfort and irritability, while it controls your weight.

How does the Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® program work?

The Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® program begins with an introductory session conducted over the telephone with your coach. You will receive details about Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless®, how it operates and how it will work for you. This session and the materials that you receive will prepare you for the next phase of Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless®. You will receive a kit to help aid you during the program.

The second phase is called the Skill Development Phase. Here you will learn the unique techniques that allow you to quit tobacco. During this phase, you will quit tobacco for good.

The final phase of the Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® program is the Maintenance Phase. During Maintenance, you will learn additional techniques that will reinforce those learned in the Skill Development Phase. The Maintenance Phase will see you through your first weeks, tobacco free, and strengthen your ability to live without it.

What is in the kit?

Each kit includes:

  • Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® workbook (step-by-step process to become tobacco free)
  • Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® Welcome Letter
  • (2) pieces sugarless hard candy
  • (2) toothpicks
  • Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® scorecard
  • Pencil
  • Urge Zapper
  • Binder clip
  • Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® CD
  • Emergency cigarette box

All of these items are enclosed in a plastic case. The Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® workbook explains what to do with each of these items.

What does a Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® coach do?

A Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® coach is assigned to each participant of the Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® program. A coach will contact you five times throughout the year long program to offer support and encouragement and address your questions and concerns about the program. You may contact your Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® coach as many times as you like during the year long program with any questions or concerns.

Can my spouse enroll in the Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® program?

Yes, the program is available to all Lubrizol employees, their spouses and their dependents. Please note that if you have a dependent under the age of 18, you will need to provide your approval to enroll them into the program.

Does the Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® program cost any money?

The Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® program is part of the Lubrizol Essentials offerings and is free of charge to employees, spouses and their dependents.

How is confidentiality safeguarded? Is my personal data shared with anyone at Lubrizol on an individual basis?

As with all of the Lubrizol Essentials health programs, the provider of the Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® program, the American Institute of Preventative Medicine, is required to keep your information confidential. This includes personal as well as health data. They are required by contract to maintain confidentiality as well as comply with all federal and state laws including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). Failure to do so could result in termination of Lubrizol’s American Institute of Preventative Medicine contract.

Individual employee data will not be shared with Lubrizol. For instance, data will not be given to your supervisor, human resource staff, health and safety staff, or management at Lubrizol. Only aggregate results for the whole organization including aggregate site results will be provided to Lubrizol.

How will the Lubrizol Essentials Smokeless® aggregate reporting be used?

The aggregated results will be used to set a baseline for the tobacco use and habits of our population. They can also be used to design future Lubrizol Essentials tobacco free programming to meet employee needs and may be used in setting future Lubrizol Essentials program goals.

Will I need any specific information while I am enrolling?

If you are a Lubrizol employee you will provide your first name, last name, location, and Employee ID. If you are a spouse or dependent of a Lubrizol employee, you will need the first name, last name, location, and ID of that Lubrizol employee. When you enroll you will be asked for a contact phone and about your tobacco habits.

Do you provide Chantix® or other prescription drugs?

No, Chantix® and other prescription drugs must be prescribed by a physician or primary health care provider. Please contact your physician or primary health care provider to assist you with information about prescription products. Please note, if you are prescribed a tobacco cessation prescription drug under a Lubrizol-sponsored medical plan, it will be covered under that plan. It may be covered as a $0.00 copayment/no deductible benefit under Health Care Reform depending on the prescription drug. For more information contact your benefits representative or contact Caremark at 1-800-776-1355.

Can I use the patch and prescription medication at the same time?

Please contact your physician or primary health care provider for information about using a prescription product while also using an over-the-counter product.

How successful is this program?

Smokeless® has a success rate of 35% which is higher than the national average of 15%.