Matching Gift and Community Connection Program

The Lubrizol Foundation was established in 1952 to make gifts to educational institutions and other non-profit charitable organizations on behalf of Lubrizol. One of the Foundation's activities in this connection is that it has a Matching Gift Program. The purpose of the matching gift program is to provide an incentive for employees to make gifts to charitable organizations and, in this manner, both encourage and support the employee's volunteer work in the community. 

Eligibility to Participate

To be eligible, the donor must be a regular, full-time or part-time employee of Lubrizol or its wholly-owned subsidiaries, a retiree of such companies (retired prior to 1/1/2019) or a non-employee director of Lubrizol.

Gift Matching Recipients

The program applies only to gifts made by participants to nonprofit, tax-exempt, educational institutions and charitable organizations in the United States and Canada. The recipient must provide its IRS tax-exempt number. Nothing of monetary value such as dues, memberships, tickets, subscriptions, a reduction in tuition or student fees, etc. may be received in return for the gift. Gifts to educational institutions to promote athletics or other nonacademic programs are not eligible. 


The minimum gift is $100. Only gifts made in cash or marketable securities will be matched. Pledges to make gifts and gifts-in-kind are not eligible. 


Gifts to United Way will not be matched, since the Foundation makes major grants to those campaigns in principal Lubrizol communities. Gifts to individuals are ineligible. In addition, gifts to religious or political organizations or for religious or political purposes are not matched.