Salary Continuation or Short Term Disability

All employees who miss 3 consecutive days (shifts) for illness or injury are required to notify their supervisor, facility Medical Department or Human Resource site representative. You must also notify your supervisor in the event your physician has placed you on any work restrictions. 

Under Policy HR-01-27, a regular employee of Lubrizol and its participating subsidiaries eligible for sick leave of absence will be entitled to receive continuation of full salary up to a maximum of 1,040 equivalent work hours (or a proportionate number of hours based on the ratio of your normal scheduled work hours divided by 40).

All leaves shall be considered continuous service. The company reserves the right to make the final judgment regarding the employee’s ability to continue or to return to work. However, local practices may vary. This practice does not apply to California locations or employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement. Please see your supervisor for details on sick leave at your site.

Contact your benefits representative or HR partner for more information.