Add or Change Family Member

Follow these steps to add your newly eligible child (new baby, adoption, adult child, etc.) to coverage:

  1. Gather necessary information:
    • Child social security number
    • Child date of birth
  2. Visit to add your newly eligible child to your benefit coverage.
  3. Supporting documentation is required.


New member ID cards will be issued approximately 3-4 weeks after you submit your elections.

Please Note: If you add a newly eligible child to your coverage, a notice to your newly eligible child about their eligibility for COBRA continuation coverage will be mailed to them. This is a government required notice explaining your rights under COBRA continuation coverage. 

Remember Your Taxes:

Consider reviewing your tax withholding. If changes are required, submit a new federal tax withholding form to Lubrizol Payroll.  You can find these forms on MyHR under ADP/Payroll Time & Attendance.

Remember Your Beneficiaries:

Listed below are beneficiary forms or instructions to make any changes to your beneficiaries:

  • Visit to change your beneficiaries for your employer-paid and supplemental life insurance.
  • Pension - If you are married, your spouse is your only beneficiary for the pension plan until after you separate employment or retire.
  • The 401(k) Plan - Visit the Empower Retirement Participant Website to add or change a beneficiary.