Newly Married

Follow these steps to add your spouse to coverage:

  1. Gather necessary information:  
    • Spouse social security number.
    • Spouse date of birth.
    • Copy of your marriage certificate.
    • If adding additional dependents due to marriage event, make sure you have new dependents’ social security numbers and dates of birth.   
  2. Complete PAR to change your marital status by submitting a ticket through MyHR.
  3. Visit to add your spouse to your benefit record – EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT ADDING YOUR SPOUSE TO COVERAGE.  If you are adding your spouse to coverage, you may do so at the same time. Medical surcharge may apply if your Spouse/Domestic Partner has access to group health care coverage. See enrollment guide for details.

New member ID cards will be issued approximately 3-4 weeks after you submit your elections. Supporting documentation is required.  After you enroll your spouse in coverage you will receive a letter from Lubrizol’s Dependent Verification Center with instructions about how to verify your new spouse’s eligibility.

Please Note: If you add your spouse and other dependents to coverage, a notice to your new spouse about their eligibility for COBRA continuation coverage will be mailed to them. This is a government required notice explaining your spouse’s rights under COBRA continuation coverage.  

Remember Your Taxes

Consider reviewing your tax withholding. If changes are required, submit a new federal tax withholding form through MyHR under ADP/Payroll Time & Attendance. 

Remember Your Beneficiaries